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Queen's University Belfast,Introductory Mathematics for Chemists and Engineers

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Examples of the opportunities provided for learning on this course are:. University students are expected to engage with reflective practice and to use this approach to improve the quality of their work. Feedback may be provided in a variety of forms including:. Investment continues to be made in the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering extending our range of facilities.

The well-equipped research laboratories are augmented by excellent computational facilities and some of the most modern instrumentation available. The School has recently invested in a lab containing 18 brand new analytical instruments, from HPLC, GC and mass spectrometers, to FT-IR, UV-Vis and Fluorescence spectroscopy, dedicated to the training of analytical techniques.

infrared spectrometers, BET, Scanning electron microscope and a range of the most modern facilities for laser-based spectroscopy, including nanosecond pulsed system. PREV Overview. NEXT Modules. Modules are reviewed on an annual basis and may be subject to future changes — revised details will be published through Programme Specifications ahead of each academic year. Stella l. stella qub. uk Weeks Lectures 10 hrs ; Tutorials 10 hrs. Xiao b.

xiao qub. uk Weeks Lectures 8 hrs ; Tutorials 8 hrs. Huang m. huang qub. uk Weeks Lectures 6 hrs ; Tutorials 6 hrs. Demonstrators Tutorials 22 hrs Detailed Syllabus — Lectures 26 Hours : Note: The following topics may be slightly rescheduled to meet the class requirements or due to unforeseen contingencies.

Numbers integers, decimals, significant figures, scientific notation ; Formula and algebraic manipulations; Role of units. the imaginary unit; the fundamental theorem of algebra; Adding and multiplying complex numbers; the complex conjugate; dividing complex numbers; polar representation; De Moivre's formula; complex exponential; Euler's formula; links to the circular functions.

SKILLS ACQUIRED: Students will grow their confidence in identifying and applying mathematical tools required to progress their studies in either chemistry or chemical engineering. The Molecular Basis of Life for Medicinal Chemists BIO is a 20 CAT module that provides a comprehensive introduction to the molecular basis of life from the molecular level through to cells, tissues and whole organisms.. This module broadly covers biochemistry, molecular biology and energy metabolism in the context of life of earth.

The course begins with an introduction to the chemical context of life elements, compounds, molecules, atoms, bonding and thermodynamics and biomolecules amino acids, proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, lipids , to include the molecular and biochemical processes which underpin life on earth DNA replication, RNA transcription and translation, genetic code and mutation, protein biochemistry, enzyme kinetics, glucose metabolism, metabolism control, and photosynthesis.

Students are introduced to basic cell structure and communication to facilitate exploration of life at all levels and in different environmental conditions, and allow understanding of the evolutionary scales of biological systems. Students receive practical teaching in key laboratory skills, DNA extraction, amino acid titration, enzyme kinetics, and photosynthesis. Students will be trained in Good Laboratory Practice and will receive teaching related to Laboratory Health and Safety.

On successful completion of this module students will be able to: LO1: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the chemistry of life and its application to biological sciences.

LO2: Discuss the biochemical processes that govern life on earth. LO3: Describe and explain the structures, roles and activities of the major biological molecules, sub-cellular components and cell types. LO4: Develop problem solving skills and the ability to analyse data. LO5: Develop written communication skills including report writing. LO6: Develop an understanding of Good Laboratory Practice GLP , health and safety in the laboratory.

LO7: Demonstrate competence in specific laboratory practical and manipulative skills. Development of laboratory skills related to molecular biology, biochemistry and energy metabolism as evidenced through: practical skills portfolio; report writing; critical and logical analysis of data.

Doherty A. Doherty qub. uk Kinetics 6 hours lectures, 2 hours seminars Electrochemistry 5 hours lectures, 1 hour seminar and 1 tutorial Dr M. uk Laboratory Classes Dr P. Kavanagh p. kavanagh qub. uk Phase Equilibria, 10 hours lectures, 3 hours seminars, 2 hours assessment ; Laboratory Classes Dr L. Moura l. moura qub. uk Basic Thermodynamics, 8 hours lectures, 4 hours seminars and 1 tutorial Dr L.

uk Computer Workshops 6 hours Dr J. Thompson jillian. thompson qub. uk Chemical Equilibria 10 hours lectures, 3 hours seminars ; Laboratory Classes Dr J. Vyle j.

vyle qub. uk Physical Chemistry Aspects of Drug Design 6 hours lectures, 3 hours seminars and 1 tutorial Lecture content Chemical Equilibria 10 hours lectures, 3 hours seminars :  1. Definitions and calculations involving enthalpy of solution and lattice energy.

The Common Ion Effect. Calculation of pH, pKa and pKb. Definition of a buffered solution and calculation of its pH. Examples of polyfunctional acids and their behaviour in titrations. Phase Equilibria 10 hours lectures, 3 hours seminars, 2 hours class test — first semester :  2. Phase Change: Phase changes including melting temperature, boiling temperature, density and molar volume, lattice energy, bond dissociation energy, enthalpy of vaporisation, introduction to entropy.

One Component Systems: Phase equilibria in single component systems using simple P-T diagrams, the phase rule. Vapour pressure — temperature relationships: the Clapeyron and Clausius-Clapeyron Equations, the Antoine Equation.

Introduction to non-ideal solutions: An azeotrope being a mixture that vaporizes and condenses without a change in composition; a eutectic being a mixture that freezes and melts without change of composition. Colligative properties: Relative lowering of vapour pressure, boiling point elevation and boiling point depression in binary solutions containing non-volatile solutes; osmotic pressure. Kinetics 6 hours lectures, 2 hours seminars :  3. Key concepts: Elementary reactions, reaction molecularity, molecularity vs.

stoichiometry, definition of reaction rates, calculating reaction rates from experimental data, writing differential rate laws, reaction orders, order vs. molecularity, reaction rate constants, initial rates method, integrated rate laws how and why , collision and transition state theories, Arrhenius rate law and activation energy, reaction kinetics in relation to reaction mechanism.

Methods of measuring reaction rates. Derivation of rate equations: Derivation of zero, 1st and 2nd rate laws, experimental data analysis and visualisation, Obtaining reaction orders and rate constants by the initial rates method. Analysing data using integrated rate laws and making predictions. Collision and transition state theories: The Arrhenius equation. Activation by collision and the collision theory.

Measurement of activation energies. Classes of reaction: Simple gas phase reactions. Chain and branched chain reactions. Reactions in solution, reactions of solids, catalysed reactions. Basic Thermodynamics, 8 hours lectures, 4 hours seminars and 1 tutorial :  4. Summary review. Introduction to enthalpy, work, internal energy, zeroth law of thermodynamics, the first law of thermodynamics, state function, standard conditions, enthalpy of formation.

The direction of spontaneous change. Spontaneous vs non-spontaneous change. Entropy as criterion for spontaneous change. Reversible and irreversible processes. Classical and molecular basis of entropy. The second law of thermodynamics. Examples and calculations using standard entropies; entropy changes with volume, temperature, phase transitions and chemical reactions.

Absolute entropy and the third law of thermodynamics. Chemical equilibrium: Gibbs energy and spontaneity, energy minimum, direction of chemical change and influence of enthalpy and entropy. Variation of Gibbs energy with temperature, pressure and concentration. Gibbs energy relationship with equilibrium and the equilibrium constant. Examples and calculations. Gibbs energy and phase equilibria. The thermodynamics of transition.

Review of one component and two component phase diagrams. Liquid-liquid equilibria, phase separation, critical solution temperature, distillation of partially miscible liquids. Examples of extractions, separations and molecular interactions. Electrochemistry 5 hours lectures, 1 hour seminar and 1 tutorial :  5. Introduction to Electrochemistry: Equilibrium vs. Redox reactions at electrodes; Charge separation at interfaces and interfacial electric potential; Spontaneous vs.

ΔS entropy changes relationship. Physical Chemistry Aspects of Drug Design 6 hours lectures, 3 hours seminars and 1 tutorial :  6. Laboratory Classes 21 hours :  Students will be divided into groups. Each group will carry out 7 different experiments 3 hrs each :  P1 The Catalysed Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide in Aqueous Solution;  P2 Buffers and pH Measurement;  P3 Phase Transfer and Solubility of I3-;  P4 Concentration Cells and Electrode Potentials;  P5 Enthalpy and Entropy of Vaporisation;  P6 Determination of the Activation Energy of a Reaction;  P7 Visualisation of 3D structure of a medicinal chemistry compound.

Computer Workshops 6 hours :  Students will attend two computer-based workshops  Using Excel for calculation and graphing  Using Excel for statistical analysis.

On completion of this module a learner should be able to:  Explain and use equations to describe chemical systems at equilibrium. Skills associated with module: Thermodynamic and kinetic problem solving including numerical , Excel-based calculations, graphing. General chemical and engineering laboratory skills including statistical analysis. In addition, Communication — spoken during practicals, tutorials and seminars and written in lab reports, tutorials, class tests and exam.

Numeracy — basic algebra and calculus. Improved independent learning and time management. Problem-solving —solving problems in exams, tutorials, seminars and practicals. Safe handling of chemical materials, taking into account their physical and chemical properties, including any specific hazards associated with their use.

Accurate measurement and recording of data and appreciation of error. Standard laboratory procedures involved in physical chemistry. Staff: Dr A. Marr a. marr qub. uk General Chemistry 18 Lectures ; Skills Workshop — Essential calculations for practical chemistry. Małgorzata Swadzba-kwasny m. swadzaba-kwasny qub. uk Main Group Chemistry 10 Lectures, 2 Seminars ; Skills Workshop — Scientific Writing and researching skills.

Stuart James s. james qub. uk Introduction to Coordination Chemistry 10 Lectures, 2 Seminars Prof. Peter Nockemann p. nockemann qub. uk Introduction to Solids 10 Lectures, 2 Seminars Dr P C Marr p. uk Skills Workshop — Laboratory Skills. Starting from a simple model and using the results of quantum mechanics a more appropriate model of the atom is presented. From this model trends in atomic and ionic properties which enable us to explain differences and similarities and predict the properties of different elements can be deduced.

Structure and Bonding:  This course introduces some important theories of bonding. Theories of bonding are discussed in some detail for discrete molecules. The discussion of bonding in molecular species centres on the valence bond and molecular orbital theories. Lewis structures, filled shells, the octet rule. Main Group Chemistry:  Definitions: Oxidation Number and State, Valency.

Introduction to Coordination Chemistry:  Introduction to coordination chemistry of the d-block elements. Skills associated with module: All below are practised only :  Communication — some spoken during practicals and help sessions but in general written. seminars and laboratories.

Paul J. Stevenson p. stevenson qub. uk Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Functional Group Chemistry Part 1 18 Lectures, Seminar ; Oxidation And Reduction REDOX Processes 6 Lectures, Tutorial, Seminar Semester 1 CHM Practical Class Coordinator Dr.

Kirill Tchabanenko k. tchabanenko qub. uk Infrared, NMR and Mass Spectroscopy 6 Lectures, Tutorial, Seminar ; Aromaticity and Aromatic Chemistry 6 Lectures, Tutorial, Seminar Semester 2 CHM Practical Class Coordinator and Module Cordinator Dr Paul Dingwall p.

dingwall qub. uk Carbonyl Chemistry and Acidity 6 Lectures, Tutorial, Seminar 1 Revision Lecture, 1 Tutorial Module Coordinator Dr Stephen Cochrane s.

cochrane qub. Stevenson :  Structural formula to represent organic compounds, identify isomers and convert structural formula to molecular formula. Recognition of nucleophiles, electrophiles and bases  Chemistry of common organic functional groups, Structure and prediction of chemistry and reactivity. Nucleophilic addition, substitution by nucleophilic addition elimination. SEMESTER 2 OXIDATION AND REDUCTION REDOX PROCESSES Prof. P J Stevenson :  Definition of REDOX processes. CARBONYL CHEMISTRY AND ACIDITY Dr P.

Dingwall  Develop an understanding of the pKa and pKaH scales. Tchabanenko :  The Huckel Rule of Aromaticity  The bonding in benzene: concepts of resonance, delocalisation and aromatic stabilisation.

Preeparation of phenols. Tchabanenko :  The electromagnetic spectrum. Energy absorption. ORGANIC CHEMISTRY WORKSHOPS Dr Stephen Cochrane :  Practice and application of all the chemistry covered in this course  SN1, SN2, E1, and E2 reactions  Carbonyl chemistry  REDOX chemistry. On successful completion of this module the student will: On successful completion of this module students will:  Have a good working knowledge of the fundamental reactions and reagents of synthetic organic chemistry and of the chemistry of important, commonly-encountered, organic functional groups.

Learners are expected to demonstrate the following on completion of the module:  You will learn how to take good notes from lectures. This module covers the structure and organisation of prokaryotic and eukaryotic genomes and genes, recombinant DNA technology, gene regulation, epigenetics, genomics, transcriptomics, biological databases and application of these to the study of cancer genetics.

This module builds on material covered in Molecular Basis of Life Level1. Teaching is delivered via lectures and corresponding hands on wet lab and bioinformatics practical work. On successful completion of this module students will be able to: LO1: Demonstrate an understanding of the structural features of DNA and RNA and the enzymes involved in genetic information flow LO2: Demonstrate an understanding of genome maintenance DNA duplication mechanisms; DNA mutations, damage and repair LO3: Demonstrate an understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in gene expression and translation in Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes systems appreciating the differences between the two systems.

LO4: Evaluate and appreciate the importance of the experimental approach and the practical methodologies employed in molecular biology and bioinformatics platforms LO5: Discuss the molecular genetics of cancer, NGS and application of NGS to the study of cancer LO6: Develop independent learning, critical thinking and problem solving ability LO7: Develop communication skills including report writing.

LO8: Demonstrate competence in specific bioinformatics and laboratory practical and manipulative skills. uk Introduction to the Chemical Industry 8 Lectures, seminars. Process Design Project Facilitator- Six 2-hour workshops and final 3-hour presentation workshop.

Marr p. uk Module Co-ordinator; Introduction to Polymers I Lectures, seminars; Introduction to Polymers II — 4 Lectures, Seminars. Sheldrake g. sheldrake qub. uk Introduction to Green Chemistry - 8 Lectures; Process Design Project Facilitator - Six 2-hour workshops and final 3-hour presentation workshop. Introduction to the Chemical Industry:  The Chemical Industry is based on the efficient transformation of simple building blocks into increasingly complex and higher value-added intermediates and products.

This short introduction to the subject will demonstrate how important industrial chemicals can be synthesised using catalysed reactions, starting from the feed stocks of the current chemical industry: fossil fuels. Topics covered will include techniques for greener synthesis and the application of these techniques to real industrial problems. Introduction to Polymers l:  This course will introduce the topic of applied materials. The course will include an introduction to polymers, polymer synthesis and applications of polymer from bulk to medical.

The course will introduce green approaches to polymer synthesis and polymer recycling. Discussion on scale up. Coursework assignments. Process Design Project:  This exercise will provide an opportunity to work in teams using principles of industrial and green chemistry to design a chemical manufacturing process. They will work in groups to produce a report outlining their findings and also present their recommendations by means of a conference style scientific poster presentation.

An individual written report of the development of the process will also be produced. Workshop sessions:  Talk from careers service PD Project group allocation kick off session GNS ACM PCM  Life cycle analysis GNS.

Staff will be available to provide feedback and give guidance on the project. On completion of this module a learner should be able to:  Have learned about where industrial chemicals come from  Have learned about new classes of chemicals and chemical structure and how physical, chemical and mechanical properties of these relate to their applications  Have a working knowledge of how organic functionality can be built up from simple feedstocks.

Holbrey j. holbrey qub. uk Main Group Chemistry 10 Lectures, 2 Seminars, lab co-ordination Prof. James s. uk Coordination Chemistry II 10 Lectures and 2 Seminars ; Dr. Muldoon m. muldoon qub. uk Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms 10 lectures, 2 seminars. We will consolidate and extend on the material from your Coordination Chemistry lectures in year 1, beginning with fundamental properties of, and trends in, the d-block, brief revision of basic aspects of coordination complexes, including oxidation states, geometries, isomerism, etc.

We then revise and extend Crystal Field Theory, cover Ligand Field Theory and HSAB theory, all of which help to explain the observed characteristics of these complexes e.

colours, magnetism, geometries, stabilities etc. As the course progresses you should make sure that you are clear on which theories explain which observations, what the limitations of each theory are, and be able to apply them to solving problems.

We finish with the basics of organometallic compounds of the transition metals. Revision of important basics of coordination chemistry from year 1: ligands Lewis bases , Lewis acids. How to write formulae and name coordination complexes. Deducing oxidation states and d-electron configurations.

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SuperTrend is a technical indicator that allows you to identify trends and provides you with both buy and sell signals. It may be applied across different timeframes i. RSI Supertrend - Indicators - ProRealTime RSI Supertrend 5 This is an onchart version of the RSI, that acts like a supertrend above and below price.

RSI strategy got a win rate around 49 percent with a 1. To see the SuperTrend TradingView Look-A-Like For ThinkOrSwim I modified a version of SuperTrend that is already available for Thinkorswim to imitate the style. You can adjust the look from the options. Labels are turned off by default. wolfe wave mt4 indicator; muffin plush toy; qmk key mapping; olx used fridge; pa trout stocking schedule pdf;.. kubota ms reviewSep 04, · RSI uses the ratio of average gains to average losses, but the MFI incorporates a product of price and volume to calculate positive money flow and negative formula.

Interpretation Overbought and oversold levels can be used to identify price extremes. Typically, MFI above 80 is considered overbought and MFI below 20 is considered oversold. WebDownload the Supertrend. rar archive at the bottom of this post, unpack it, then copy and paste the Supertrend.

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Forex Trading Systems,How to set up the Binary Code Scalping indicator in MT4?

WebTrading Strategy Guides is the best place for trading strategies, providing readers strategies for Forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and day trading. I’m doing binary option and it’s works just fine. Thank you so much guys. Wilkin P. More Reviews. Parabolic SAR + Moving Average. The Parabolic SAR (stop and reverse) and moving average Web4H MACD FX Strategy; 4H Trader Forex Trading System; 5 minute momo trading system; 80’s 1 Hour system. Binary options system; Binary Option Trading System; Blast RSI with ASCTrend trading system; Pro Parabolic Sar System; PSAR Trading System. Quick FIX Forex System. Raitis Trading System; WebPassword requirements: 6 to 30 characters long; ASCII characters only (characters found on a standard US keyboard); must contain at least 4 different symbols; WebOPTIONS,Binary Options Indicators,binary options strategies,Trade Navigator,Wealth-Lab, AmiBroker,Binary; ' Trend ' forex expert advisor EA (Enjoy Free BONUS Japanese. venture sonic vrk. Parabolic SAR, RSI, The strategy is based on the flip from the SuperTrend with the condition that the RSI is above its 50% neutrality Web17/07/ · How to set up the Binary Code Scalping indicator in MT4? Installation Guide. Copy and paste the blogger.com4 or blogger.com4 indicator files into the MQL4 folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform. You can gain access to this folder by clicking the top menu options, which goes as follows WebStudents are encouraged to plan and build their own, personal skill and experiential profile through a range of activities including; recognised Queen’s Certificates, placements and other work experiences (at home or overseas), Erasmus study options elsewhere in Europe, learning development opportunities and involvement in wider university ... read more

Contact me immediately after purchase to get setup instructions! This lab will involve following a three step literature preparation, of an alkene, under inert conditions, and practise in the use of crystallisation as a purification technique. Learn More. Prior to POLITICO, Bennett was co-founder and CMO of Hinge, the mobile dating company recently acquired by Match Group. Students are introduced to basic cell structure and communication to facilitate exploration of life at all levels and in different environmental conditions, and allow understanding of the evolutionary scales of biological systems. We are of significant enough scale that we, of course, have good purchasing economics of things like bandwidth and energy and so forth.

QSAR analysis Craig plots, Topliss schemes, Hansch analysis3D-QSAR. Students will appreciate the principal roles of natural products primary metabolitesbinary options parabolic sar strategy, understand their structural and chemical properties, and be able to devise methods for their preparation. The super trend indicator is an excellent tool to understand the current market trends. Next post London Breakout Forex Template. Interested in the best signals from the